Our exquisite vintage plates and antique dinnerware collections are comprised of rare English, French and Asian fine bone china and porcelain dating from the 1890’s to the 1960’s.

Each plate and every tea cup has been tastefully curated and cherry picked from a medley of patterns spanning nearly three centuries. These heirloom, cabinet quality dining services and place settings adorned with gilded garlands, hand-decorated scrolls, intricate lattice work, and raised and beaded patterns and motifs. Categorized by colour and pattern genres, our collection features. Cohesively mismatched, authentic and original, the graceful delicacy of antique china is a beauteous experience and a feast for the eyes.

Complete your place setting with cutlery and utensils from our flatware rental collection, beverage and drinking glasses from our stemware rental collection, and presentation plates from the charger plate rental collection.

Colourful Potpourri vintage plates


Pigmented collection that add a splash of accent colour for a vibrant and festive table setting.

See them in use here: Our Adventures in Wonderland Wedding

Aurelia Collection vintage plates


Gold dinnerware collection adds warmth to the atmosphere and a regal air of opulence.

See them in use here: Romantic Blush Rustic Chic Wedding

Floral Melange vintage plates


Mixture of classic floral patterns that are romantic and elegant for a timeless affair.