Much like a diamond, the beauty of a crystal glass is in its’ proportions, clarity, and silhouette. There is a science to the anatomy of a perfect glass which delivers a most sensuous aromatic and tasting experience. The shape of the bowl guides the aroma of the beverage to fill one’s senses, while the ergonomic design of the stem and footed base in relation to the bowl account for balance and comfort.

Manually crafted and hand embellished in Europe, our crystal wine glasses and beverage stemware come in a variety of colours, shapes, and styles to accommodate all colour palettes. Consider pairing with our complimentary coloured collection of charger plates.


Melodia crystal stemware


Transitional in its design, the Melodia stemware collection is elegant, classic and timeless, making it a versatile beverage accessory for a modern or traditional table setting. Handcrafted in Florence, Italy, the hand-cut crystal takes its inspiration from vintage crystalware patterns that were developed to enhance sparkle and reflect light. The graceful silhouettes of these wine glasses portray old world character and promise to give your table an air of glamour and sophistication. Consider renting this versatile stemware together with Melodia Crystal Beverage Dispenser from the Event Decor section.

Sizes left to right: white wine glass 7oz, red wine glass/water goblet 9oz, champagne flute 5.5oz

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Venetian Gold Rim stemware set


Traditional in its design, The Venetian stemware collection is a testament to palatial extravagance. Its regal and opulent aesthetic makes it the perfect decorative tabletop enhancement to accessorize luxurious place settings. The wine glasses and water goblets feature vintage-inspired tapered bowls and elegant elongated hand-sculpted stems. The rims are adorned with wide decorative gold bands boasting classic etched scroll patterns. This stemware collection pairs beautifully with our Venetian, Baroque Gold, and all Florentine chargers plates.

Sizes left to right: red wine 14oz, white wine 10 oz, champagne flute 6oz, water goblet 16oz.

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