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Artisan creator, stylist and architect of dreams. Sui Generis. Curator of things beauteous, corporeal and evanescent. An imaginative vanguard and child at heart. In pursuit of crafting a colourful and extraordinary life with a penchant for beauty, grace and joie de vivre. An unapologetic gourmand and an avid antique collector with a passion for the bygone era. Wedding industry aficionado and a sucker for romance.

Alexandra took a road less travelled in her pursuit of academia, she studied what she loved most – art history and the visual arts. Convinced that this discipline was her calling and that even if it were never to serve as a career in future, it would serve as a well rounded and cultured experience. With two university degrees and a college diploma, an unmaterialized teaching career, it was evident that the Universe had other plans.

Standing at the crossroads, Alexandra was on a quest of soul searching and a new career which led her into the world of weddings. For 8 years Alexandra worked various segments of the wedding industry as a bridal fashion manager, creative director of editorial wedding photography, and invitation artist. Starting out from humble beginnings as a bridal consultant, Alexandra sagaciously climbed the echelons of the multifaceted layers of the wedding industry and dabbled in its myriad of forms to become an expert at her trade. Today, Alexandra’s protégés represent couture bridal fashion houses with the likes of Kleinfeld’s in Toronto. 

Discovering her newfound love affair with weddings and event decor, fused with her artistic sense for aesthetics and a tenacious eye for detail provided fresh beginnings for a new life and the birth of a business – Tableauscapes.